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Greek Chicken Salad $12.50

Romaine, grilled basil chicken, feta cheese, red onions, croutons, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, avocado, greek vinaigrette.

Soups: Tomato Basil or Baked Potato or Tex-Mex Chicken


Chicken Florentine Ciabatta $12.25

Grilled chicken topped with tomato, sauteed spinach, proscuitto, dijon spread, pepperjack cheese with a side of deli pasta.

Soups: Tomato Basil or Baked Potato or Tex-Mex Chicken


Bacon Shrimp Salad $13.25

Romaine, spinach, bacon, boiled egg, boiled shrimp, tomatoes, red onions, croutons, monterey-jack cheddar with a pepperjelly vinaigrette.

Soups: Tomato Basil or Baked Potato or Tex-Mex Chicken


Chicken Enchiladas $12.55

Our flour tortillas filled with a chicken, cheese, pepper, corn mix baked and topped with a green chili cheese sauce and served with house green salad.

Soups: Tomato Basil or Baked Potato or Tex-Mex Chicken


Our Lenten Menu $12.25...$13.25...$14.50...$12.50

Starfish Ciabatta....Lighly battered white fish, caramelized onions, tomato, sweet relish, pepperjack cheese, lettuce with deli pasta                                       NOLA Salad...Grilled crab cake, boiled shrimp, boiled egg, croutons, red cabbage, green onions, cheddar-jack cheese, romaine, Remoulade Dressing             Napoleon Royale...Grilled crab cake stacked with shrimp, grilled tomatoes, caramelized onions over pasta with a lemon-garlic butter sauce                             Shrimp Gratin...Sauteed shrimp over potatoes baked in a creamy white sauce topped with cheese, green onions, bread crumbs with a house salad

Soups: Tomato Basil or  Baked Potato or Tex Mex Chicken


*Specials may be subject to change*

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